Find out your return per marketing channel and walk away with an effective marketing plan in just 4 hours.

Find out how well each marketing method is working for your business

Get the most from your marketing dollars and efforts.

Over the years, I have had quite a few conversations with CEOs, Business Owners and Marketing Managers who feel they are paying too much to get new clients / customers through the door, or worse still, they don’t even know how much they spend in sales & marketing per customer. If this sounds like you, then we have good news. Our Measurable Marketing Workshop will help you answer these questions.

We are offering a VIP Experience valued at $800, and as one of our exclusive VIP attendees you’ll receive:

  1. A One-Page Digital Marketing Plan– with the digital landscape constantly evolving, the fundamentals of marketing remain the same. Your digital marketing plan should stick to the principles of your overall marketing plan. The difference between the two is that the customers are the focus of all your decisions, and you will use the latest technologies for your strategy.
  2. Tools & Templates – full of valuable training products to help you put your learning into practice right away and get results faster.
  3. Handbook –  an invaluable tool that you can refer back to down the track, and revisit information covered during the seminar.



Date: Thursday 24th of October 2019
Time: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Where: Level 10, 406 Collins Street, Melbourne 3000
Price: $97

As seen in:

– Do you feel you need to do MORE and BETTER when it comes to digital marketing

– Do you feel overwhelmed by the different forms of marketing

– Are you paying too much for your leads

– Do you feel your competitive edge is slipping away

– Do you feel like you’re running around in circles trying to catchup

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to say yes to this seminar and start winning!

Measureable Marketing will provide you with the ‘know how’ to get the results you want.

The seminar will:

Bust common myths around digital marketing that many small business owners believe

Teach you the four essential calculations you need to measure your marketing

Decode the technical jargon and metrics for your website

Make sense of social media analytics.



Hear from Past Attendees

 I thought Jasmine’s presentation was very clear, its area that we will all going to have to become aware of and for people like myself who is just starting out, I just found it invaluable.
Fantastic, it really answered a lot of questions because I came here with very little knowledge and I found it very easy to find out where the basic steps should be able to really be.
She gave a lot of background information that you don’t get from a lot of books and a lot of the other websites that you read. It was really good to have their one-on-one interaction. I’d definitely recommend it
It was fantastic, I’ve been to a lot of different sessions and this one was really content-rich and interactive you could really ask a lot of questions and get real answers”