Jasmine Batra

Jasmine Batra is one of Australia’s most respected Digital Marketing Strategists. With an MBA in Marketing and an Honours Degree in Information Technology, Jasmine combines these two disciplines towards delivering marketing solutions which are powered through digital marketing  methods and tools.

Jasmine is one of Arrow Digital’s founding directors who is regularly seen speaking at events or on television. Jasmine also provides expertise for leading newspapers such as the Telegraph and The Australian.

Anup Batra

Anup Batra has been crowned one of the Top 50 Australian Bloggers as recognised by Marketing Magazine and Adspace Pioneers. Anup also completed his MBA in Business Management ensuring his place as a business influencer.

Anup is one of Arrow’s founding directors and provides clients insights and advice in SEO and SEM, along with an array of other digital marketing functions.  He speaks regularly on topics like Business growth, Digital Marketing and Conversion optimisation and is given the opportunity to speak in leading conferences around the world.