Why This Event

Small businesses make up 94% of all Australian businesses, making it extremely competitive and stressful for owners. It doesn’t help that every second week there seems to be a ‘new business must have’ or technology advancement to buy or ‘secret to success’. Arrow Digital understands that as a business owner there is simply not enough hours in the day to learn all of this, which is why this seminar has been created.

This seminar will allow you take control of your marketing and hold it accountable. It will give you the confidence to invest money in channels that work and fearlessly pull out of marketing methods that are draining. So book your spot today so you can make informed decisions.

The Topics covered include:

Measurement Myths

Measurement Metrics

Understanding the terminology

Making sense of Analytics Reporting

Questions to ask your internal team or external agency

Best of all

Best of all, our events are fun and interactive. There will be plenty of time to ask our experts questions and even form networks with other event attendees. It is not an event to miss out on!

If you are still questioning whether this event is useful for you… ask yourself… What is my ROI on marketing?

If you don’t know, then you need to take action.